Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend

by Guy Bass

Skeleton Keys has to step in when a lonely boy’s imaginary friend suddenly becomes real and wreaks havoc on a small island. Ben can’t believe it when his imaginary friend the Gorblimey becomes unimaginary.

The Gorblimey is loyal and kind … and real! But Skeleton Keys is far from convinced by the Gorblimey’s friendly ways. However the Gorblimey is soon the least of Skeleton Keys’ worries – for strange things happen when imaginations run wild!

Skeleton Keys: The Unimaginary Friend cover

Guy Bass


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Castle Carrock Primary
Castle Carrock Primary

This book is amazing its a good book for people who like to read adventure books.Its also a funny book my favourite part is were Ben’s imaginary friends becomes real. Its kind of weird but i think if you like adventure then you will love this book its like a maze.This book will make your imagination run wild. by KJJ

Castle Carrock Primary
Castle Carrock Primary

This is an adventure story of a young boy named Ben. He lets his wild imagination run wild with him( literally ). When he meets his IF in person for the first time the whole story begins. So before i tell you too much i will let you enjoy the book. AB

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