The Day I Was Erased

by Lisa Thompson

Maxwell is always in trouble. He’s a total menace to his teachers and big sister, but has a soft side, too. He rescued his dog, Monster, from being run over and checks on his elderly neighbour after school.

One day, while looking through a mysterious cabinet of curiosities, Maxwell finds himself erased from his life – it’s as if he’s never been born. At first, being able to walk around without being yelled at is great, but Maxwell starts to miss his old life. A story of family, friendship and
finding your place in the world.

The Day I was Erased cover

Lisa Thompson


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Kirkby Stephen Primary School
Kirkby Stephen Primary School

This was an ok book.

Castle Carrock Primary
Castle Carrock Primary

This book is about a boy called Maxwell. He always gets in to a lot of trouble at school and at home.I recommend this book because it is interesting and fun to read.You never know what will happen to Maxwell.This is really good i could not put this book down.It is quit long but trust me it is amazing.This book has 45 chapters! But it is worth to read it.E.W

Leeming Raf School
Leeming Raf School

4/5 Stars intresting story would read again as it was funny, exciting and a different adventure for the reader

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