The Secret Starling

by Judith Eagle

A girl is befriended by a streetwise boy when she is left with a crumbling manor house after her destitute uncle abandons her. Clara has lived a life of solitude, home schooled under her mean uncle’s strict regime… until now!

The day that Uncle abandons Clara, leaving her with nothing but a wedge of ‘guilt money’ and a half empty, crumbling manor house, she is determined to do things her way for a change and when streetwise Peter turns up, with his rescue cat and a surprising array of knowledge, she is sure that between them they have everything they need to survive.

But the house is to be sold… and Uncle has lied to Clara… nothing, NOTHING is as it seems.

The Secret Starling cover

Judith Eagle


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Leeming Raf School
Leeming Raf School
4th February 2020 6:30 pm

This is such a great book very capturing and exciting. I really recomend this book to anyone who read Mo , Lottie and the junkers.

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