Asha and The Spirit Bird

by Jasbinder Bilan

Asha lives in the foothills of the Himalayas. Money is tight and she misses her papa who works in the city. When he suddenly stops sending his wages, a ruthless money lender ransacks their home and her mother talks of leaving.

From her den in the mango tree, Asha makes a pact with her best friend, Jeevan, to find her father and make things right. But the journey is dangerous: they must cross the world’s highest mountains and face hunger, tiredness – even snow leopards. And yet, Asha has the unshakeable sense that the spirit bird of her grandmother – her nanijee – will be watching over her.

Asha and The Spirit Bird

Jasbinder Bilan

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Newman School
Newman School
7th May 2020 7:57 pm

This book was a change from the other books I’ve read so far, most being teen stories and dystopias, so it started off a bit strange. The book was a bit difficult to really get into, but after a chapter or two, I found myself lost in the story as the plot picked up speed. I definitely learned about Indian culture throughout the story because the author didn’t refrain from using appropriate words (even if they were a different language). The glossary style list at the beginning I feel was an advantage and disadvantage: having to flip back to the… Read more »

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